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Death comes for a bereaved young couple – again and again and again – in this weird and wild horror fable set deep in the creepy Nordic woods.

Still grieving the loss of their eight-year-old daughter, married couple Tobias and Elin set out for a camping trip in the forest, hoping to mend their fractured relationship and restore some piece of mind. Instead, they’re taunted – and murdered – endlessly by three grotesque figures sprung to life from a childhood nightmare: a nursery-rhyme chanting ringleader, a strongman carrying a dead pig, and a spooky, angular girl with her vicious pet dog.

In his second feature film, Swedish artist and animator Johannes Nyholm (The Giant, MIFF 2017) takes a premise rooted in real-world grief and loss and augments it with the stuff of Grimm fantasy, mixing live action, fairytale-like animation and eerie puppetry effects to deliver an experience quite unlike any other.

“Johannes Nyholm’s fable about grief is at once brutal and childlike, a horror-show that hums along to a nursery rhyme.” – Variety