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52 feature films and 158 short films were screened from 26 May to 10 June
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The 1973 festival featured a 27-film retrospective of the Zagreb animation studios. The series was presented by one of the studio's directors, Zelimir Matko, and featured shorts such as The Fly (Aleksander Marks, Vladimir Jutrisa) and the 1962 Academy Award-winning Best Animated Short Ersatz (Dušan Vukoti?). 

Notable films screened: Dear Summer Sister (Oshima), Fritz the Cat (Bakshi), Images (Altman), O Lucky Man (Anderson), State of Siege (Costa-Gravas), Swastika (Mora), I Am Curious - Yellow and I Am Curious - Blue (Sjöman), The Mattei Affair (Rosi) and The Pedlar of the Four Seasons (Fassbinder)   

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Iranian filmmaker Dariush Mahrjui was a guest of the festival.
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Featured Film
Morgiana (Juraj Herz, 1972)

Erwin Rado

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