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58 feature films and 134 short films were screened from 6 June to 21 June
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Program in Focus
The 1975 program featured a season of German films, presented by the head of the independent German filmmakers' cooperative, and a retrospective of the works of the Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó, who had to cancel his visit. Other guests included Dusan Makavejev, Warren Beatty, who introduced his film Shampoo, and King Hu, director of The Valiant Ones.

Memorable films: Céline and Julie Go Boating (Rivette), The Circumstance (Olmi), Cousin Angelica (Saura), The Passenger (Antonioni), Sweet Movie (Makavejev), Elektreia (Jancsó), Alice in the Cities (Wenders).

Filmmaker in Focus
Piotr Kamler. A collection of the filmmaker's work was screened.
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Featured Film
Still Life (Shahid-Saless, 1974)

Erwin Rado

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