MIFF 1982

Geoff Gardner

Festival Program
91 feature films and 104 short films were screened from 3 June to 14 June
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Program in Focus
As well as a full screening program, the 1982 festival program featured an editorial on New German Cinema, while paying homage to Fritz Lang via a retrospective of his work. Statements by Australian independent filmmakers Carolyn Strachan and Alessandro Cavadini, James Clayden and Dirk de Bruyn also featured.

Filmmaker in Focus
Fritz Lang
{focus Fritz Lang}

Opening Night Film
Cutter's Way (Ivan Passer)

Featured Film
Americana (David Carradine)

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From the Festival Files

You Had to Be There

The thrill of the festival happens in a moment. In the shared moments created in being present at the festival, and in sharing experiences with others in the MIFF community. These moments are the instances that set the festival apart from the everyday, that remind us that we live in the present, and that some experiences are just too unique to replicate. … Each year, we return to the festival to …

On Screen and in the Cinema

The magic of the festival is reached through its screens. These are places and spaces that captivate our attention, providing windows where films come to life before our eyes. As portals to the world, the festival’s screens allow us to travel the globe, move through time, and see through another’s eyes. … Yet these screens also remind us of home. They are fixed in place, in our memories and in o …