White Snake

White Snake

China (2019, dir. Ji Zhao and Amp Wong, 99 mins)

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This spectacular animated adaptation of a Chinese folk legend follows a snake hunter who falls for a beautiful woman who also just happens to be a giant snake demon.

Blanca is an immortal snake demon who loses her memory, trapping her in human form. When she meets the cheerful yet hapless hunter Xuan, who has no idea as to her demonic and scaly origins, the mismatched duo quickly develop feelings for each other. Blanca, however, is engaged in a supernatural war she has forgotten all about, and they are soon pursued by Blanca’s devious sister and a whole host of otherworldly beings.

Based on the popular and frequently adapted Legend of the White Snake folk tale, White Snake is a fantastical visual treat for animation lovers. Packed with kinetic wuxia action sequences and intensely detailed worldbuilding – background sequences taking inspiration from Chinese ink painting are particularly dazzling – this meticulously crafted vision is a feast for the eyes.

“Imaginative and visually stunning … A superior effort.” – Hollywood Reporter

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Language: Mandarin, with English subtitles
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy
Classroom discussion points: Good vs evil, identity, memory, immortality, power and corruption, Daoism/Taoism
Age suitability advice: Cartoon violence and sexual references
MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 12+