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Dirty Harry meets Run Lola Run in writer/director Amit Kumar's kinetic, bracingly ambitious debut feature.

On the mean streets of Mumbai, idealistic rookie cop Adi finds himself trapped between the ethical murk of his trigger-happy boss Khan and the menace of local gang executioner Shiva. Given an opportunity to gun down Shiva in cold blood, Adi hesitates for a single second ... but that might be enough time for everything to change.

Three choices, three consequences, three parallel timelines unfolding side by side - it's an ethical quandary masquerading as action-packed noir and quite possibly the most high-octane film at this year's MIFF.

"A racy mash-up of Tarantino-esque ultra-violence and gritty-but-hip contemporary Indian action ... maintains a continual element of surprise while elaborating on the seamy underbelly of Mumbai society." - Variety

D/S Amit Kumar P Trevor Ingman, Guneet Monga, Martijn De Grunt WS Fortissimo Films L Hindi, English w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013