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An enchantingly quirky animation based on the bestselling children's classic.

Adapted from Tomi Ungerer's 1967 children's picture book of the same name, Moon Man follows the adventures of its title character as he grows bored living alone on the moon and hitches a ride on a comet to visit Earth. Unfortunately for Moon Man, the President mistakes him for an invading alien and sets out to hunt him down. On the run, Moon Man enlists the help of a renowned scientist – the inventor of everything! – and the children who miss his comforting presence in the night-time sky.

With charming hand-drawn 2D animation true to Ungerer's original artwork, director Stephan Schesch brings to life this beloved tale, which Maurice Sendak called "one of the best picture books in recent years". Full of surreal flourishes and odd sight gags, Moon Man is a warm-hearted fable of loneliness, difference, understanding and acceptance.

MIFF recommends age 8+

All films featured as part of the Next Gen program are approved for screening by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. No person under the age of 15 years shall be admitted to Next Gen screenings unless in the company of an adult guardian. 

D/P Stephan Schesch S Tomi Ungerer WS Le Pacte TD 35mm/2012

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