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There is one kind of history they teach you in school and another which tells how things really happened. ASIO's files reveal how things really happened in Australia.

Since 1949, ASIO has opened files on over 500,000 citizens. Today, these records are a unique dossier of dissent and a treasure trove of surveillance movie film and photographs.

In Persons of Interest, director Haydn Keenan confronts four persons of interest with the allegations contained in their previously secret ASIO files. This session features Roger Milliss: The Serpent's Tooth, telling the story of Communist author Milliss and his family as their lives and careers are blighted over two generations by ASIO, and Michael Hyde: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, telling the story of the chairman of the Monash Labor Club, one of Australia's most radical students activists of the 1960s.

World Premiere.

Haydn Keenan is a guest of the festival.

D/S Haydn Keenan P Gai Steele Dist Smart Street Films TD HD Cam/2013

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