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Following the Sunnyboys' enigmatic frontman Jeremy Oxley from the band's origins, breakthrough success and his subsequent 30-year battle with schizophrenia, The Sunnyboy is one man's inspired story of survival and hope.

A meditation on a condition often stigmatised and misunderstood, Kaye Harrison's documentary buries below the surface of Oxley's public 'identity' to explore his own reality and battle to maintain 'self'. Secure in a loving relationship with his partner Mary, Oxley slowly emerges from his solitary torment to join the world we all share.

The film follows him as he tentatively unpicks his confused thoughts and feelings about the past with his brother Peter. From his struggle with the physical effects of years spent self-medicating to his hopeful contemplation of a married future and a daring return to the stage, The Sunnyboy is the definitive documentary of Jeremy Oxley's journey from the Sunnyboys and back.

Kaye Harrison and Peter Oxley are guests of the festival.

D/S Kaye Harrison P Tom Zubrycki Dist Jotz Productions TD DCP/2013

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