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"[The internet] is not a cloud. It is servers and routers, which can be very easy to control and very easy to destroy … give me a bazooka, and I'll do it." – director Werner Herzog

Celebrated filmmaker Werner Herzog (Into the Abyss, MIFF 2012; Cave of Forgotten Dreams, MIFF 2011) returns with an entertaining, characteristically idiosyncratic look at the connected world in ten chapters.

Once a concept that not even the most ambitious science fiction writers predicted, the internet is now a phenomenon that we can barely live without. But what is this system that we so increasingly take for granted, and where is it leading us? Interviewing subjects as diverse as internet pioneers, compulsive gamers in adult nappies and members of a technophobic community living around a space telescope, Herzog explores the hope that this technology inspires – and the deepest fears it provokes.

"A kind of speculative science fiction film that just happens to unfold in the present … you've never seen the internet discussed like this." – Indiewire