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Cannibalistic undead collide with strident social criticism in this powerful and engrossing zombie feature from one of South Korea's most acclaimed animators.

Adolescent Hae-sun has run away to Seoul, to live with her boyfriend. But when he tries to force Hae-sun into prostitution, she breaks up with him and takes off into the night. Waiting for a train home, she feels relived to have escaped but when one of the homeless men who sleep in the station begins displaying strange symptoms, Hae-sun finds herself caught in the middle of a terrifying viral outbreak that soon spreads throughout the city.

Award-winning director Yeon Sang-ho (The King of Pigs, MIFF 2012) returns to MIFF this year with two, thematically linked, films: the live-action Train to Busan, and its animated prequel, Seoul Station, a visceral and astute blend of horror and social realism. A tale of class struggle and inequity told through the lens of a zombie thriller, the film's expressive animation and voice cast bring to life its grisly details and poignant emotion equally. Compelling and genuinely scary, Seoul Station is a unique look at modern Korean society.