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A unique and arresting examination of Scientology, straight from the mouths of those within and those escaping the church.

The Church of Scientology is a big target, a religion young enough that its roots are bare, its dogma lacking centuries of patina. While pointed exposés have abounded in recent years, award-winning documentary maker Jeffrey Peixoto takes a different tack in his first feature — he listens to the believers.

Across a decade, Peixoto gained the trust of some in the church, and some who have left, and builds a platform for them to speak. Their unadorned observations are refracted through the observations of an alien abductee expert, an archivist of American religion, a journalist, and others investigating the fringes. Straight-to-camera confessions and contemplations are bracketed by naturalist footage and a haunting soundtrack from cult Australian indie synth act HTRK.

Confronting and compelling, Over the Rainbow provides a rare space for viewers to engage with humanity’s unshakeable urge to structure its world through faith.

“A profound, productively unsettling, and extremely accomplished film.” – Film Comment