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Two brothers. One donkey. On a mission to find Superman.

In 1990, two Kurdish orphans catch a glimpse of a Superman film screening and set off to find the hero they believe has the power to fix all their problems. While intending to make it to the USA, the homeless brothers' quixotic journey takes them instead through increasingly risky adventures in an Iraq under the thrall of Sadaam Hussein.

Writer/director Karzan Kader draws on his own childhood experiences fleeing Iraq with his brother to deliver a sympathetic and beautifully made film. Filled with moments of suspense and tenderness, the boys' quest takes the audience through a hostile world viewed through the hopeful eyes of youth.

"Bekas has the warmth and passion (and sweetly freewheeling story) to appeal to younger audiences." – Screen Daily

MIFF recommends age 12+

All films featured as part of the Next Gen program are approved for screening by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. No person under the age of 15 years shall be admitted to Next Gen screenings unless in the company of an adult guardian. 

D/S Karzan Kader P Sandra Harms Dist Rialto Distribution L Kurdish w/English subtitles TD DCP/2012