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"Tenebrae sits comfortably towards the top of Italian genre cinema for a reason." – Film School Rejects

Peter Neal, an American horror author, is in Italy promoting his latest novel, when a young girl is brutally murdered. The killer leaves Neal a note informing him that his novels were the inspiration for the murder, and that there are more to come. As the number of victims increases, so too do the notes, and Neal begins to suspect that the killer is someone very close to him.

Inspired to make Tenebrae after being stalked by a crazed fan, director Dario Argento's former video nasty – rarely shown on the big screen today – deals with the intersection of art and reality in a bloody and nightmarish manner, as only he can do. Shot by Luciano Tovoli, who also filmed Argento's famed Suspiria, its stark visuals enhance its commentary on the nature of violence in cinema.

"Despite all the slyly subversive commentary, Tenebrae also functions as a purely engrossing, slickly executed murder mystery, with a great cast of genre stalwarts and more twists and turns than you can shake a glinting switchblade at." – The Quietus

D/S Dario Argento P Sigma WS Intramovies L Italian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/1982