GREEN BUTCHERS, THE (2004) [feature]

Denmark (MIFF 2004 , Northern Lights 04 New Scandinavian Cinema)

The Green Butchers (De Gronne Slagtere) Denmark

Stay away from the 'Chicky Wickies'! Tired of slaving away under Holger, their overbearing, abusive boss, 'sweaty' Svend and Bjarne open their own organic (green) butcher shop. Now in competition with their former employer, they must come up with a specialty that will top his locally famous deer sausages.

The accidental and unnoticed death of a chubby electrician provides Svend with the source of a very distinctively flavoured new dish. Lovingly coated with Svend's special marinade, 'Chicky Wickies' becomes a taste sensation. With a line of customers stretching around the block and the new business thriving, Svend must find a delicate way to convince Bjarne that cannibalism has its place' in their freezer!

Bjarne already has enough complication in his life when his twin brother wakes from years in a coma just as the life support machine is switched off. A delightfully dark Danish comedy with more twists than a string of black pudding.

'Balancing comedy and the macabre without ever stepping over the line.' -Variety

D/S Anders Thomas Jensen P Kim Magnusson, Tivi Magnusson WS Nordisk Film International Sales L Danish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2003/95mins

Anders Thomas Jensen was born in Frederiksværk, Denmark in 1972. Films include: Wolfgang (1997, short), Flickering Lights (2000).

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