MY FRIEND AND HIS WIFE (2006) [feature]

Korea (MIFF 2007 , Neighbourhood Watch)
Director: Shin Dong-il

“Superbly honed at every level, with dialogue, performances and direction meshing in a seamless, apparently effortless flow.” - Variety This observational drama centres on the changing chemistry between two best friends - and the wife of one of them - who are forced to confront their differences following a personal tragedy. The two men have been friends since military service but now Ye-jun has become an ambitious, foreign exchange trader while Jae-mun has settled for a simpler life as a married cook. But the precise, humane portrait of early matrimony and the role of the best friend is just preparation for the shocking drama of events that follow. All the promise shown in debut Host & Guest (MIFF 06) comes to rich fruition in filmmaker Shin Dong-il's bold new feature.


D Shin Dong-il P Lee Seung-jae, Bae Jeong-min S Shin Dong-il, Kim Young-nam WS Prime Entertainment L Korean w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/110mins

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