ARMSTRONGS - THE MOVIE, THE (2006) [feature]

UK (MIFF 2007 , Documentaries)
Director: Fergus O'Brien

“It's as if the producers went looking for a real-life David Brent [The Office] and found one with an evil sister.” - The Independent Husband and wife team John and Ann Armstrong run U-Fit, Coventry's third-largest double-glazing company. They are the typical small business owners: Hard-working, driven to succeed against the odds… and innately distrustful of their employees. From spying on their workers using phone taps and hidden cameras to hiring a Zimbabwean motivational guru, the Armstrongs' lurch from one oddball scheme to the next in their quest for success. Condensed from a 12-part BBC documentary series, The Armstrongs almost makes the fictional comedic stylings of The Office redundant as the real-life antics of John and Ann and their absurdly dysfunctional workplace provide a constant source of unintentional hilarity.


D/P Fergus O'Brien WS BBC TD digibeta/2006/90mins

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