ROBERT CAPA: IN LOVE AND WAR (2002) [feature]

UK (MIFF 2007 , Magnum In Motion)
Director: Anne Makepeace

The charismatic Hungarian Robert Capa - war photographer, bon viveur, gambler and legendary lover as well as co-founder of Magnum - is still remembered with great affection at the agency and could be said to be Magnum's talisman. In this fascinating portrait, Anne Makepeace shows why Capa was such a driving force behind Magnum. She takes care to explore both the charm of the man and the significance of his work, and the ideals which continue to inspire the co-operative to this day.

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D/P/S Anne Makepeace WS Films Transit International L English, Spanish, French w/English subtitles TD betaSP/b&w&col/2002/84mins

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