Short & Taboo [short]

(MIFF 2007 , Forbidden Pleasures)

From the red light district of Copenhagen to the intimacy of a Syrian hamman (bathing house), those things whispered in hushed tones behind hands are universal across the world. Life's little taboos unfold in this tantalising programme of shorts that teases at our morals and prompts us to question further.

  • Clean Linen New Zealand (fiction) D Zia Mandviwalla P Sarina Pearson, Shuchi Kothari S Shuchi Kothari, 14 mins
  • Kin Australia (fiction) D/P Stephen Carroll, 19, mins
  • Yansan Brazil (animation) D/P/S Carlos Eduardo Nogeuira, 17mins
  • Sophie Denmark (fiction) D/P Brigitte Staermose S Dunja Gry Jensen P Lars Bredo Rahbek L Danish, 14mins
  • The Black Lines Denmark (fiction) D/P/S Camilla Magid L Syrian w/English subtitles, 29mins

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