I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW (2008) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2008 , Documentaries)
Director: Sean Donnelly

“I might ask for a fingernail or a toenail or a lock of hair or a scab or skin from a blister or something, I could ask for that.”

Propelled to number 1 on the Billboard charts in 1988, teen-queen Tiffany gained millions of fans worldwide, but two in particular took their fandom to an obsessively creepy level, and have managed to sustain it well out of the 80s. Labelled by police and media as stalkers and wackos, both Jeff Turner (a 50-year-old with Asperger's syndrome) and Kelly McCormick (a 35-year-old hermaphrodite) believe that they are in love with Tiffany - and that the other one is crazy. Funny, sad and a little creepy, I Think We're Alone Now is an insight into obsession, delusion and desperation, and the passion that fuels them. --- D Sean Donnelly P Jordy Cohen, Phil Buccellato, Sean Donnelly TD digibeta/2008/69mins

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