VASERMIL (2007) [feature]

Israel (MIFF 2008 , Next Gen)
Director: Mushon Salmona

“A courageous representation of a conflicted human reality, full of pain, hatred and ethnic tensions.” - Jerusalem Film Festival Jury

Growing up on the tough streets of Be'er Sheva in southern Israel, each suffering from a harsh family life, three teenagers - Shlomi, an Israeli pizza delivery boy, Adiel, an Ethiopian and Dima, a Russian immigrant - are brought together by their shared dream of playing soccer at an elite level. When the coach of the local team recruits them to take part in the Be'er Sheva Open at Vasermil stadium, their dream of using soccer as a way out seems within reach. But first the trio will have to work together to overcome the realities of violence, prejudice and despair. Winner of the Jury Award at the 2007 Jerusalem Film Festival.

MIFF recommends: Age 15+. Moderate themes, violence and coarse language

--- D/S Mushon Salmona P Marek Rosenbaum, Itai Tamir, Michael Rozenbaum WS Transfax L Hebrew, Russian, Amhari w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/92mins

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