USA (MIFF 2008 , Free Radicals)
Director: John Gianvito

The other history of modern America.

In this ambitious essay-documentary, cemeteries, plaques and monuments give voice to the now silent leftist heroes who championed progressive movements in the United States. Spanning 17th century battles between Native Americans and colonists, turn-of-the-century labour struggles, and 20th century activism against state power and capitalism, the monuments in John Gianvito's carefully constructed film draws together the historical threads of American activism, braiding a cord that extends from the agitators of the past to the leftist politics of the present day.

“The whole thrust of [the film] is beyond the realm of the abstract for me… It's all, in varying ways, about life-and-death issues that are unfolding around us every minute of the day.” - filmmaker John Gianvito
D/P John Gianvito WS Traveling Light Productions TD digibeta/2007/58mins

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