USA (MIFF 2008 , Backbeat)
Director: Paul Owens

"That goofy old Super Mario Bros jingle can be turned into one kick-ass techno tune in the right hands." - Cinematical

Few people would consider an original Nintendo or Gameboy console as a musical instrument, but for an emerging culture these are the tools for producing something unlike anything heard before. Called ‘ChipTunes', this inventive spin on electronic music takes grainy beats and 8-bit samples to create a retro-futuristic sound, equally at home in 80s sci-fi as on the dance floor.
Paul Owens' documentary introduces us to the major players in the ChipTunes movement, focusing primarily on the New York scene and covering Manhattan's Blip Festival, where the world's best 8-bit artists get to strut their stuff.
D Paul Owens P Paul Levering TD betasp/2008/82mins

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