DAY OF THE DEAD (R) (1985) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2008 , Retrospective on George Romero)
Director: George Romero

Gore becomes almost conceptual art in this third (and unduly underestimated) chapter of the ‘Dead' series.

Written as a colossal finale to the series, but downsized at the last minute due to budget cuts, it's quintessential Romero at his most minimal, effective and ferociously visionary. Day of the Dead takes place in an underground bunker, where humans have taken refuge under paramilitary rule as the flesh-eating armies roam the surface world.

The fundamental question of the series - who are the monsters, us or them? - becomes more complex as a group of scientists tries to domesticate (and humanise) the zombies, turning them into slaves.
D/S George A. Romero P/WS Richard Rubenstein TD 35mm/1985/97mins

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