WHITE LIES BLACK SHEEP (2007) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2008 , Altered States)
Director: James Spooner

“Spooner's style calls to mind the youthful energy of early Spike Lee.” - Hollywood Reporter

At first skinny jeans, the right hairstyle and a liking for Blondie were enough to keep African-American Ajamu (Ayinde Howell) satisfied in New York's predominantly white indie-rock scene. Bookish and intelligent, ‘A.J.' coasts along in the scene, working as a party promoter leafleting for gigs. But when he gets dumped by yet another disaffected white girl, and picks up a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X, he gradually begins to awaken to the black identity he had previously rejected.

Told in faux-documentary style, White Lies, Black Sheep is a natural narrative extension of director James Spooner's previous doco film, Afro-Punk.
D/S James Spooner P Mathew Morgan, Sam Harman, James Spooner TD digibeta/2007/80mins

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