END OF THE RAINBOW (2007) [feature]

Australia, France (MIFF 2008 , Africa! Africa! )
Director: Robert Nugent

Where there is gold, there will be gold- diggers…

The transportation of an entire industrial gold mine from one side of the world to a remote area of Guinea, West Africa, is an epic logistic and filmic event. It's also an enormous social and economic upheaval for a desperately poor region that has long relied on gold to survive. A fascinating study of labour - from both a Western and African perspective - this documentary reveals the complexities for the local inhabitants as they try to balance traditional cultural practices with a new way of working. Relations with the new mine owners are colourful, feisty and full of hope for a brighter future. Features a soundtrack of traditional West African music. --- D Robert Nugent P Mitzi Goldman, Jean Pierre Gibrat, Michel Zwecker S Rachel Sanderson, Robert Nugent WS Doc & Co L English, French, Malinke w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2007/83mins

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