TERMINUS LOVE (1958) [Feature]

Germany (MIFF 1959 , Programme 5)
Director: G. Tressler

When a twenty-one year old factory worker &ndash: and reputed lady-killer &ndash: gambles with love, he is liable to lose his heart as well as learn about life. Set in post-war Berlin, Terminus Love is a charming story about Mecky, a young man who makes a bet with his friends that he can conquer the pretty, innocent, factory girl Christa before the week-end is out.

But with Christa, the usual methods are unsuccessful, and the film goes on to show how the girl's innocence shatters Mecky's worldly exterior and causes him to fall in love with her. The standard of acting in Terminus Love is high, and Mecky (Horst Buchholz) won the male prize for acting at the World Fair festival at Brussels.

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