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The "stars" of this film are six boys, the smallest one barely four years old and the eldest only eleven years old.

The film consists of three novellas—"Alarming Event", "Hooligans", and "Honoured Artist", in which the youthful artists reveal part of the beautiful world of children to the spectator. Aspects of the everyday life of a group of lively children from a Sofia district are shown on the screen.

The flight of the children's imagination and the wonders of their ingenuity, the purity of their souls and their unfailing sense of justice, are the basic qualities of this film; qualities which displace dry didactics.

Facts from life, sifted and rearranged, supplemented and enriched, yet free of stylisation, preserve the flavour and atmosphere of the days of childhood in an unpretentious film, which behind an external entertaining facade, also contains strata, which reflect life as it is today.