The White Bus (1966) [Short]

UK (MIFF 1969 , Programme 21)
Director: Lindsay Anderson

A Woodfall Films project, Red, White and Zero, was recently abandoned. It was to have been a trilogy with three directors. Now each episode is to be released separately. Lindsay Anderson's contribution was The White Bus, an experimental surrealist document about the interaction between the indifference, loneliness and ineffectuality of a London girl clerk and the contemporary world about her. She is detached but observant. Impulsively, she takes a train carrying a noisy bunch of football revellers back North. She wanders off at her destination and joins a tour in a white bus. Her fellow travellers are a cross-section of humanity.

Anderson (one of Britain's Angry Young Men during the Fifties) takes odd thrusting glimpses of the white busload, and expresses his views on the calibre and quality of modern man.

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