Yugoslavia (MIFF 1983 )
Director: Krsto Papić

This is no science-fiction film, but scientific fiction with strong historical elements, and it covers more than one hundred years of our recent history, leading to the essential question whether there are yet unknown possibilities to overcome the present energy crisis, endless sources of energy we haven't yet discovered.

This is the secret of Nikola Tesla, the son of a village priest in Croatia, who as a young student, is fascinated by the new energy-electricity (this is in the 1880's), and who surpasses even Edison by developing an alternating current.

The inventor, George Westing-house, and the leading American industrialist, John Pierpont Morgan, make use of the newcomer's revolutionary invention, and soon Tesla becomes famous in the world of industry.
Being over-sensitive and not money-conscious Tesla continues with his experiments (on the way enabling Marconi to send the first radio message) and even claims that he has made contact with other beings in space. Withdrawn from the world, he spends the last years of his life in meditation. After his death scientists around the world continue his work, trying to discover the constant source of energy he had envisaged.

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