Australia (MIFF 1987 )
Director: Brian McKenzie

Wallace is a taxi driver who lives in a small flat in a Melbourne bayside suburb. With the aid of a micro-recorder, he tapes the stories passengers tell him in the cab. Their willingness to discuss the most personal details of their lives fascinates him. But gradually it becomes an oppressive burden he can neither understand, nor cope with. The flat next door is occupied by Gail, who supports Sid, her live-in boyfriend, who in turn supports his mate Bodger. A pair of no-hopers, Sid and Bodger aspire to a career in crime and hide their stolen goods in Gail's flat.

Despite all this activity around him, Wallace seems incapable of forming any meaningful relationships. Unsettled and adrift, he eventually must face up to the experiences in his life which have contributed to his present impasse.

Told with subtlety and humour, With Love To The Person Next To Me explores the responsibility each of us has to those around us - in a society where older values are rapidly being replaced by the twin spectres of self-interest and alienation.

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