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Five slices of the one pizza. Five off-the-wall comedies by five different directors featuring five comic actors. Five individuals grappling with stress and paranoia in the modern world. Each slice can be consumed on its own or all five in one sitting.

Bernie's Magic Moment
Writer/Director Mark Hanlin
Bernie (Chris Haywood), the ultimate Collingwood supporter, is ironing his way to victory during the Big Game against Hawthorn.

Gran's Big Adventure
Writer/Director Jo Bell
The family's moving house and Gran (Bunney Brooke) is getting in everybody's way. So begins a strange odyssey.

Midday Crisis
Writer/Director Garry Richards
With too much time on his hands, Alan (Geoffrey Rush) starts a video course in private investigation. What could possibly be worth investigating in a quiet suburban street?

Writer/Director Clayton Jacobson
A tiny piece of litter Seth (Kym Gyngell) thought no one had noticed. He was wrong.

Prickly Heat
Writer/Director Ray Boseley
Ed (Rhys Muldoon), having had a tough day delivering pizza, gets stuck in a traffic jam in 40-degree heat. A mechanical and mental breakdown 'with the lot'!