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Djomeh is a young Afghan man who works on a small dairy farm in the remote Iranian countryside. Every morning he accompanies a native farm owner, Mr. Mahmoud to nearby small villages to collect milk for resale. Trying hard to integrate into this new world, Djomeh's good nature and generous smile cannot be extinguished by the villagers' suspicions and cold attitudes.

His life takes a new turn when he falls for a local girl, Setareh. His dreams of settling down are dealt a blow, as strict Iranian customs do not allow for a long courtship. Unable to turn to his conservative guardian, Habib, for help, Djomeh asks Mr. Mahmoud to serve as a chaperone to pursue marriage with Setareh. It is a bold gesture that crosses cultural boundaries and forces the two men to reflect on the difficulties of solitude and the universal need to be loved.

Director Hassan Yektapanah has crafted a delicate, deeply touching film. His association with Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami is evident in his compassionate and humanistic approach to his characters.