THE BRIDGE IN THE RAIN (1999) [Feature]

Germany (MIFF 2000 , International Panorama)
Director: Doris Dörrie

Uwe and Gustav are brothers who are both wrestling with a major mid-life crisis. Zen Buddhism is Gustav's answer to his situation, as he plans for a trip to a Japanese monastery. Uwe, meanwhile, lives for his work, but when his wife leaves him, a spur of the moment decision, he joins Gustav in Japan.

Once in Tokyo, the brothers lose their way and have to survive without credit cards or an understanding of the language. When they eventually reach the monastery, their problems really begin.

The Bridge in the Rain is a satirical comedy in which the seemingly disparate worlds of Japan and Germany have more in common than we think. Shot entirely on digital video—in order to facilitate improvisation and a flexible production—the film has a modern, learned approach to life. Darkly comic, with splashes of wisdom, The Bridge in the Rain is bound to resonate with audiences.

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