SPEAKING OF BUÑUEL (1999) [Feature]

Spain/Mexico (MIFF 2000 , The Surreal Feel – 100 Years of Luis Buñuel)

'An affectionate chronological trawl through the much mythologised life of legendary Spanish director Luis Buñuel. A combination of personal reminiscences and well-disposed analysis, the film is strongest in the informed way that it links speakers recollections with clips from the movies, thereby providing a guide to the potential roots of Buñuel's uniquely Spanish surrealism."—Variety

Directors Linares and Rioyo gathered a startling range of Buñuel's personal and professional contacts for this extraordinary examination of his life. Seventy people were interviewed across Mexico, France, the USA and Spain. With a narration based on Buñuel's autobiography, My Last Breath, the film offers a multitude of perspectives from the academic to the purely personal (from wife and children). Garish anecdotes of drunken escapades sit alongside careful cinematic analysis. This approach serves to illuminate the contradiction which defined Buñuel. Sexually timid, he made highly erotic films; a confirmed atheist, he made films that were profoundly religious; a conservative in life, he is one of the most notorious of the Surrealists. A treasure trove.

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