HOT IRONS (1999) [Feature]

USA/Nigeria (MIFF 2000 , Documentaries)
Director: Andrew Dosunmu

'Hair Wars' —the 'black hair extravaganza of America'—has established itself as a Mecca for creative styling expression and fantastical hair creations. A working model of the solar system inside your crowning glory, anyone?! Hot Irons is outrageous testimony to the health of a massive industry in wild dos for African-American women. Whether you want an afro that would make Marge Simpson wince or simply a platinum and brown, short-cut, micro-mini, French rolls with a Zulu twist, dry-wave, pincurl ponytail, off the wall designers like Shy Guy have a chair ready for you. A look at the hows, whos, and most importantly, whys of this burgeoning subculture are all covered in this wonderfully photographed documentary. The final showdown on the catwalks of Hair Wars' has to be seen to be believed: sculptures requiring 40 hours of construction vie with styles so elaborate and delicate, their owners cut their clothes off to avoid messing a strand! Enter a crazy underworld but bring a brush and gel.

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