THE LAW OF ENCLOSURES (2000) [Feature]

Canada (MIFF 2001 , International Panorama)
Director: John Greyson

It's 1991 and the first thing Beatrice notices about Henry is an egg-shaped tumour at the base of his neck. Beatrice, played by Sarah Polley (Go, MIFF 1999) mistakes Henry's cancer for AIDS. A sweet natured soul, she pursues a friendship with Henry When she realises he is not gay or sick with AIDS, her interest turns to intrigue. The night before the surgery to remove the cancer, they make love so that he won't die a virgin. When his operation is a success they are given the gift of life together.

40 years later, the couple are played by older actors, their lives and love now squandered. This is about a domestic battlefield which leaves us wondering if there is a possibility of rekindling the love they once had. Adapted from the novel by Dale Peck, The Law Of Enclosures is a touching story of a couple trapped in a cycle of accusations, lies and disappointment. "Director John Greyson is a brave. undisciplined filmmaker with a weakness for stunt theatrics. Here is a hopeful film about overcoming the wrongs of the past and discovering love all over again. Further evidence of John Greysons maturation...He rises to the challenge of adapting a complex novel with intelligence and care...easy to admire."—Variety

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