Harvesting Me [Short]

USA (MIFF 2002 , Eyeball to Eyeball 2: Errol Morris Returns)
Director: Errol Morris

Josh Harris: Internet Entrepreneur, Television Addict

Josh Harris' first memory is that coverage of the Kennedy assassination meant he missed his afternoon cartoons! He claims the cast of Gilligan's Island were more of a family than his own parents. Harris is a multi-millionaire and an out-of-control TV addict. His problems got worse in 1994 when he installed 32 cameras in his luxurious NY penthouse and began streaming his life on-line, 24 hours a day. A real life Truman Show, Big Brother years before the concept of reality TV. Trouble is, a permanent audience has meant that Harris has begun to think that 'the watchers' are consuming his very soul!

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