THE STRUMA (2001) [Feature]

Canada (MIFF 2001 , Documentaries)
Director: Simcha Jacobovici

In 1998 renowned Canadian documentary maker Simcha Jacobovici's ground-breaking film, Hollywoodism: ]ews, Movies & the American Dream enthralled MIFF audiences. With The Struma Jacobovici promises to again stir consciousness and debate. In 1941, aboard an overcrowded vessel called the Struma, 779 Jewish refugees anticipated safe passage to Palestine. Following engine failure, Turkey refused them sanctuary. After a 71-day stalemate, the ship was towed out to sea and left to drift. Twelve hours later a submarine locked onto the boat and fired: only one passenger survived. Impeccably researched The Struma strives to untangle a 60-year international cover-up. Contemporary politics - attempting to obstruct the search for the wreck - ultimately mirror agendas of the past. In light of recent events with refugees in our own waters, The Struma is compelling viewing of both historical and contemporary urgency.

"A documentary of unusual narrative excitement." - Variety

Simcha Jacobovici has been named Canada's top documentary filmmaker by the Ryerson Review of Journalism. Feature documentaries include Falasha: Exile of the Black Jews (1983), Deadly Currents (1991) and Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies & the American Dream (1997).

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