TEN (2002) [Feature]

Iran/France (MIFF 2003 , Abbas Kiarostami – Iranian Master)
Director: Abbas Kiarostami

"A very remarkable film, one of the very best of the year—remarkable for its strenuous technical simplicity, for its superbly intelligent acting and for the extraordinary, almost unmediated access it appears to give to the lives and thoughts of real, modern women in Iran."—Peter Bradshaw. The Guardian

"For Ten, Kiarostami mounted a digital camera on the dashboard of a car. In 10 separate sequences, all of varying lengths and without cuts, he simply records what the camera sees and hears: in some scenes it is pointed at the well-to-do, middle-aged driver, in others at the passenger. In the first scene, we see the driver's young son, who has not forgiven her for divorcing his father and marrying a man he does not like. This incredible conversation is followed by her driving through the streets with a succession of women, each conversation comprising one of the 10 segments.

"The film shows what can be achieved with minimal resources and unending creative imagination. This is a film to be savoured."—Toronto Film Festival

In Official Competition at Cannes 2002.

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