(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Matthew Saville

"The mere exchange of glances builds as much suspense as a kinetic action sequence in Matthew Saville's tense, stylish psychological thriller." – Variety

While celebrating a major bust, Sydney drug cop Malcolm makes a mistake that will haunt his life, and which threatens to make or break the careers of two other police: rookie officer Jim and veteran detective Carl. As these three become embroiled in a tense game of cat-and-mouse that pushes each man to his limits, questions of justice, guilt and innocence will be turned inside out and the quest to disguise and unravel the truth will undo them all.

Premiering to glowing reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, Felony is tautly written by Animal Kingdom actor Joel Edgerton, who stars alongside Tom Wilkinson, Jai Courtney and Melissa George. Director Matthew Saville's (The Slap, MIFF 2011; Roy Hollsdotter Live, MIFF 2003) feature follow-up to Noise, Felony abounds with moral conundrums, unexpected developments and gripping suspense.

"In its sober contemplation of the ripple effect of a single bad decision, Edgerton's screenplay … weighs questions of culpability, loyalty and personal and professional integrity with focused intelligence." – Hollywood Reporter

Please note that the session in Cinema 3 will have open captions on the screen for the duration of the film.

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