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CHARACTER: PROTAGONIST UNBOUND - Creating memorable central characters


Creating and introducing a central protagonist is a great challenge of screenwriting – and very rewarding when one considers the likes of On the Waterfront, Blue Jasmine, All About Eve, Silence of the Lambs, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (pictured), The King’s Speech, Muriel’s Wedding, Amélie, Annie Hall, American Beauty, Dallas Buyers Club, When Harry Met Sally or this year’s Nightcrawler.

What makes audiences remember, quote, or even emulate the characters they see on screen? What careful selection of detail and imagination makes those characters indelible? What is the balance between a rounded, three-dimensional character and one who is so complex as to be incomprehensible in two hours? What elements of character attract actors? What is the relationship between character and structure? How do you create an indelible protagonist’s voice?

With multiple clips and examples, this seminar examines the creation of central characters, showing the myriad, subtle and creative means a writer can use to introduce and reveal the protagonist in ways that will draw the reader and audience fully into the story by the end of Act One.

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