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Adrian Wootton

Adrian Wootton, a long-time Frank Sinatra admirer, gives an overview of Sinatra's 60-plus years in showbiz and the more than 50 films in which he appeared, ranging from classic musicals to his Oscar-winning performance in From Here to Eternity, interspersed with plenty of anecdotes and affectionate ... Read more
Just more than 50 years after his death, legendary American crime scribe Raymond Chandler, whose seven completed novels featuring laconic detective Phillip Marlowe (including The Big Sleep, The Lady in the Lake, Farewell My Lovely and The Long Goodbye), remains a profound influence on crime fiction ... Read more
Best known as one of the greatest English novelists of the 20th Century, penning such masterpieces as Brighton Rock, The Power and the Glory, The End of the Affair, Burnt Out Case and The Honorary Consul, as well as short stories, noted plays and children's book, Graham Greene's contribution to ... Read more
Adrian Wootton, who was one of the producers of the BBC/BFI documentary Howard Hawks: American Artist, chronicles the fascinating life and range of work from one of America's most respected directors. ... A born storyteller, Hawks worked his way up from assistant prop man to become a screenwriter ... Read more
Adrian Wootton, an Elivis aficionado who was intimately involved in curating film and TV celebrations of Elivis's Hollywood career for the BFI and Turner Classic Movies, recounts the history of Elvis Presley's extensive career on the silver screen. ... Book tickets for this talk at ... Read more
Starring Bogart and Bacall, this 1946 film noir classic is a staple of Greatest Movies Ever lists. ... Uncompromising private investigator Philip Marlowe follows a convoluted trail of murder, deception, lust and intrigue across the tawdry urban landscape of Los Angeles: a fantastic vision of high ... Read more
Consistently ranked as a masterpiece for its cinematography, visual language, performances, and musical score, The Third Man tells a compelling tale of betrayal and corruption in post-WW2 occupied Vienna. ... Writer Holly Martens, in Vienna seeking an old friend, is shocked at the news of his ... Read more
Often regarded as one of Elvis Presley's best movies, this much-loved romantic musical comedy is notable for its outstanding song-and-dance choreography numbers, as well as Presley's powerful chemistry with co-star Ann-Margret. ... Read more
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