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Animation Focus - Totally Aardman

A Grand Day Out (Nick Park, 1989)
Before they put on the wrong trousers, Wallace and Gromit were building a rocket to the moon - before lunch. Of course this requires extensive care, along with cups of tea and plenty of cream cracker… Read more

Adam (Peter Lord, 1991)
The world is a ball and the first human being is called Adam. His first experiences are mostly rather painful and he has to learn all the rules. For instance, 1: if you throw clay around you'll get c… Read more

Babylon (Peter Lord, David Sproxton, 1986)
A meeting of arms dealers is brought to a bloody conclusion, observed by a diffident waiter. This was Aardman's disturbing contribution to a series of Channel 4 funded films on the apocalypse. ... Read more

Creature Comforts (Nick Park, 1989)
Even pumas need their 'personal space'! Meet the polar bears, chickens and other zoo occupants whose complaints and comments about their climate, diet and accommodation seem uncannily human. ... The … Read more

Down and Out (Peter Lord, David Sproxton, 1978)
A homeless man struggles to cut through obstructive bureaucracy just to get a meal at a Salvation Army hostel. ... With the very first Aardman series Animated Conversations (from which this derives) … Read more

Early Bird (Peter Lord, David Sproxton, 1983)
What really happens behind the scenes at an early morning radio show? And when do sleepy DJs get to eat their toast and jam? From the 1981-83 Aardman series Conversation Pieces, Early Bird matches 'o… Read more

Going Equipped (Peter Lord, 1989)
An interview with an articulate ex-con, who speaks with a good deal of humour about his crim past. Made for the Lip Synch series. ... Read more

Grand Morph's Home Movies (Peter Lord, David Sproxton, 1981)
The first in what was to become the 26 part The Amazing Adventures Of Morph, and the project that really put the Aardpersons on the map in Britain, where it became a hugely popular TV series. ... Read more

Ident (Richard Goleszowski, 1989)
There are no individual identities amongst the mirrors and mazes of this futuristic world. Made for the Lip Synch series. ... Read more

Loves Me, Love Me Not (Jeff Newitt, 1992)
A modern-day Narcissus? A humorous exploration of male vanity? A cheap gag film! Take your pick ... Read more

Next (Barry Purves, 1989)
From nought to Shakespeare in 300 words - Next features an empty stage, one actor and the complete works of the bard. It's quite an audition?! ... Made for the Lip Synch series, Next signals Aardman'… Read more

Not Without My Handbag (Boris Kossmehl, 1993)
Aliens took my mother! The most recent Aardman internee has produced a whacked-out, fluro-driven, B-movie pastiche. ... Read more

Rex The Runt (Richard Goleszowski, 1991)
Meet Rex, a potential kiddy TV hero (and a very naughty pup). ... Read more

Sledgehammer (Stephen Johnson, 1990)
With a little help from The Brothers Quay and Peter Gabriel's record company, Stephen Johnson and the Aardman team put together this ground-breaking pop clip that still stands as a high point in the … Read more

The Wrong Trousers (Nick Park, 1993)
An animated featurette with a live action feel (and one of the most frenetic chase sequences in cinema history!) Aardman's most ambitious production to date seems set to become another animation clas… Read more

War Story (Peter Lord, 1989)
A stirring comedy about one man's memories of wartime life, revealing the astonishing resilience of ordinary people in the face of Hitler, subsidence and a deaf coalman. Essential Aardman, from the L… Read more

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