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Edward Yang Tribute

"As I watched... Yi Yi [A One and A Two] through bleary eyes, I struggled to identify the overpowering feeling that was making me tear up. Was it grief? Joy? Mirth? Yes, I decided, it was all of these. But mostly, it was gratitude." - New York Times ... The first Taiwanese film to win the Grand ... Read more
"This film is so uncommonly good that Yang's other very impressive works pale beside it." - Chicago Reader ... Often spoken of in terms of ‘genius' and even ‘one of the greatest films ever made', A Brighter Summer Day recounts events surrounding a shocking juvenile homicide in Taiwan in 1960 ... Read more
"Sleek, chic and hysterical, the film owes more to Preston Sturges than Michelangelo Antonioni." - Cinematheque Ontario ... Set over a couple of frenetic days in a Taipei entertainment corporation, A Confucian Confusion weaves its way through a collection of characters linked by blood, profession ... Read more
Considered to be an early study for what would become Yang's masterpiece - A Brighter Summer Day - the short film Expectations (made as part of the omnibus film In Our Time) was responsible for establishing Yang's filmmaking career in Taiwan. --- D/S Edward Yang WS Central Motion Picture ... Read more
“Yang's angriest and most provocative film, and also probably the one that's elicited the most anger from viewers, especially in the West.” - Chicago ReaderConsisting of seemingly disparate story strands that miraculously converge into one, Mahjong focuses on some middle-class thugs dabbling in ... Read more
“[A] quietly stunning drama which sees the various problems facing a rapidly modernised city reflected in the lives of a dozen or so subtly observed characters.” - Time OutStarring MIFF regular, filmmaker Hou Hsiao-hsien (Three Times, MIFF 2006, The Flight of the Red Balloon) as a washed-up ... Read more
“The film suggests that we all have our ways of ‘terrorizing' each other, and that we'd all like our lives to be as coherent and resolved as fiction. Yang reaches high, and his aim is true.” - Time OutThe compartmentalised nature of urban relationships provides the blueprint upon which the ... Read more
“The subtlety of Yang and [actress Sylvia] Chang merge together to form an irresistible emotional force.” - Toronto International Film FestivalThe award-winning debut feature of Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Invisible Waves, MIFF 06), That Day, On the Beach is a potent comment ... Read more
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