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All Brings Night (David Taylor, 1981)
Whitey wants to be Charlie Parker, but lives in Hammersmith, can't play the saxophone and is white. ... Read more

Arrivederci Roma (Geoffrey Wright, 1979)
A new Australian comes to grips with his first PE swimming lesson, and makes some friends along the way to the deep end. ... Read more

Chetana (W Haque, 1970)
In this Student-made film, a girl comes to stay in the home of a shy college boy. Before long, young desire causes complications. ... Read more

Dirty Business (Robert Grant, 1979)
Two desperate louts turn to crime for some easy money, only to be foiled by a bathroom door! ... Read more

Dragon (Lucy Maclaren, 1981)
Two young girls leave a dragon on a tram and go to the depot at night to find it. ... Read more

Experiment in Romance (Robert Sdraulig, 1981)
Clive, an insulated academic, gets a taste of La dolce vita. What happens subsequently is limited only by his imagination. ... Read more

Farewell to Charms (Carole Sklan, 1979)
Emma, vivacious but suicidal terrorist, is re-united with Cecily, her old school chum. They meet Stretch, bionic bike dyke, and break open the jelly beans. True Romance — a weepie. ... Read more

Foxbat and the Mimi (John Skibinski, 1980)
A storm forces a flying fox to take shelter in a cave, something it regrets when cave spirits attempt to capture it. ... Read more

Gary's Story (Richard Michalak, 1980)
" 'Gary's Story' is about transition: from lust to compassion, compassion to escape, and escape to Sydney. Truth plays a very small part." (Richard Michalak) ... Read more

Goodbye, Johnny Ray (Michael Harvey, 1979)
Two middle-aged people meet, correspond and come together one afternoon in the park... in which they briefly exchange the lost hopes and dreams of their youth, for a fleeting moment of happiness. ... Read more

Guido (Richard Michalak, 1979)
A Director is under pressure. ... Read more

Joyce and Harry Go Dancing (David Taylor, 1980)
A couple go ballroom dancing We discover something surprising ... Read more

Masque (Miles Watkins, 1970)
A girl has a profound effect on the relationship of guys who live together. ... Read more

Orientation of the Camera (Peter Thompson, 1979)
The film demonstrates the relationship of the viewer to the screen, and the way in which the attention is absorbed into the world of the film-maker, affecting the viewer's own orientation; the physic… Read more

Puppy Love (Bruce Rigby, 1981)
The story of a mentally-retarded boy who falls in love with the girl next door. ... Read more

The Key Maker (Trace Johnston, 1970)
The Key Maker is an elderly, retired locksmith who is not willing to give up the activity of living as his neighbouring contemporaries have. ... Read more

The Man With No Cold Drinks (Robert Howard, 1981)
After a 25-year absence from a popular soap-opera, Walter Logus returns to the screen to save his aged widow from her cruel housekeeper, Kenny. Meanwhile, at the Limbo Club, 'resting' actors follow t… Read more

The Reaper (Robert Ebinger, 1970)
A dramatic, poetically lyrical film which tries to reach an adult audience with its message: man, in the end, has only himself on which to rely. He must be true to those things which compose his life… Read more

WEST TEXAS (Alan Gadney, 1970)
This student-made Western is the story of a young girl's pioneer hardships on the 1870 Texas Indian frontier. Her childhood innocence is suddenly shattered by tragedy, but th rough fate and self will… Read more

White Noise (Michelle Mahrer, 1982)
An experimental film. ... Read more

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