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Films on the Plastic Arts (2)

Agam And . . . (Warren Forma, 1980)
Kinetic artist Yaacov Agam uses the words "sharing", "participating", "dialoguing" in reference to his art. His aim is to have people communicate with one another, and with or through his art. ... Read more

Bridget Riley (David Thompson, 1979)
The film traces the work of the artist Bridget Riley as she organizes a painting in her studio, structuring simple elements which will release complex effects in response to the physical act of looki… Read more

CHANCE, HISTORY, ART . . . (James Scott, 1980)
Using as its starting point a series of interviews with five artists recorded on videotape, this film examines the legacy of surrealism and its quest for a meeting point between the concrete world of… Read more

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