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With its unlikely romantic entanglement between a car park attendant (Seymour Cassel) and former prom gueen Minnie (Gena Rowlands), now working as a museum assistant, Minnie and Moskowitz was applaud­ed by critics when it was first released as evidence that director John Cassavetes could mellow ... Read more
Walker (Lee Marvin) and his colleagues plan a cash robbery on the former prisoner island of Alcatraz but he is double-crossed by his colleague, Mai, who shoots him and leaves him for dead. Walker, the vengeful loner, decides to retrieve the money he believes he was cheated out of, leading to a ... Read more
Harry Collings (Peter Fonda) walks out on his wife (Verna Bloom) to become a drifter. After several aimless years of wandering the sagebrush with his saddle-pal Arch Harris (Warren Oates), he returns home to a deserted spouse who will only accept him on her own terms—as the hired help. ... Read more
Antiheroic, unshaven slob Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould) lives in a contemporary Los Angeles that seems to have completely passed him by. Marlowe is perpetually mum­bling under his breath the mantra, "It's OK with me", not unlike Popeye, a cartoon character that director Altman would later ... Read more
In a drab, futuristic underground world, a cowered and dehumanised populace is governed by a central computer; a robotic police force controls all aspects of daily life in true totalitarian fashion, stamping out any sign of individuality The inhabitants dress in regulation white and their heads are ... Read more
Four lost souls in two archetypal automobiles take to the back roads and endless highways of redneck country. James Taylor (The Driver) and Dennis Wilson (The Mechanic) play a pair of speed motorheads cruising around in a '55 Chevy. Their rootless paths cross that of drifter Laurie Bird and the ... Read more
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