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New York Super 8 Programme

Alien-Nation (Robert Cooney, 1979)
An ‘outsiders' view of the USA, dealing with the “institutions of immigration” and questions of nationalism. ... Read more

Bloody Stump (Direct Art Production, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Dead On My Arm (Cassandra Stark, )
Nobody liked it I may have gotten ahead of myself in the attempt to create cinema for the subconscious I think that if I could have induced a hypnotic state on the viewers, they could then have under… Read more

Invasion of the Amazons (Penelope Wehrli, )
The austere film by Penelope Wehrli draws on such diverse sources as Godard, Peter Wollen, and Laura Malvey, and Bunuel, and documents the struggle of women to gain control over the sources of the la… Read more

Last Nights (Sandy Tate, )
A short film with the look of a music video and feminist film noir. ... QUERELLE seen from the other side. ... Read more

Loisada Lusts (Uzi Parnes, Ela Troyano, )
A frolicsome exposition of geriatric horniness and moderate-to-heavy bondage, with sly borrowings from Fellini and MACBETH, amid the barren rooftops and rubble-gorged lots of the Lower East End. ... Read more

Manhattan Love Suicides (Richard Kern, 1985)
New York City 1985 - A churning world where the realities of poverty and sex among the desperate musicians, artists and scene markers dictates a mutated parody of normal lifestyles. Consumed with bit… Read more

Mutable Fire! (Bradley Eros, )
Bradley Eros's MUTABLE FIRE! the suavely edited epitome of this Anger ‘povera' style is a junk black mass of operations and explosions, fashioned from monster movies and anthropological documentari… Read more

Playboy (Tessa Hughes-Freeland, 1984)
The basic theme of PLAYBOY is that of voyeurism and violence ... exploiting them in such a way that certain humorous elements are ... brought to the fore. By not using any self-made footage but caref… Read more

Pyrotechnics (Bradley Eros, Aline Mare, 1985)
Tesla & pPomethea in the ecstasy of transmissions. Fire knows and never sleeps. ... Exploded myths. Visionary tricksters. ... Nikola tests radiated a blue light.Electric/power and the dangerous firew… Read more

Ruffian on the Stair (Tim Burns, Lindzee Smith, )
The film is based on the Joe Orton play of the same title, and was shot in an apartment and surrounding locations in New York's Lower East Side. ... Read more

Simonland (Tommy Turner, )
Sadistic gameshow evangelist Simon leads mindless packs of middle class Americans on a one way journey to hell. ... Read more

Spectre Woman - On The Roof (Ellen Fisher, Mary Schulz, Tone Blevins, John van Wagner, )
One episode. A super hero ritual. ... Read more

The Big Wack (Julius Klien, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Thrust In Me (Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, )
This film perfectly embodies all the aesthetic imperatives manifested by the Cinema of Transgression, the secret underground movement which is currently on everyone's lips. ... Read more

Variety (Bette Gordon, 1981)
The film reverses the roles of and conventions of traditional cinema by confronting representations of sexuality and male/female desire directly, while not abandoning the pleasure(s) of narrative inh… Read more

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