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...In A Few Words... (George Ray, 1990)
A child tries to string meaningful phrases together. A young man finds no string to tie. A film where the cast of extras have remained long after the lead roles have left. ... Read more

Grrr! (Heinz Boeck, 1990)
A textured assemblage about hurtling through inner space. Jagged apprehensiveness that surrounds emotional reflection-pieces everywhere. ... Read more

Love Life (Richard Tuohy, 1990)
A quietly paced narrative film about Steven finding his way out of the cold. ... Read more

Madonna (Laki Sideris, 1990)
Morning is that terrible part of the day when all thoughts run erratic, when all memories become confused and when the pillow, like a mother's loving arms, cradles your head and shelters you from ano… Read more

Melbourne Pipers' Tune (Sandy Munro, 1990)
The City of Melbourne Highland Pipe Band are here performing outside the Melbourne Arts Centre. ... Read more

Michelle and Carolyn, Carolyn and Michelle (Darren Davies, 1990)
An afternoon's attempt to capture the spirit of two people; their dreams, their enthusiasm. ... Read more

Newbury (Mark Freeman, 1990)
A quiet look at colour. ... Read more

Pause (Raffi Ghazarian, 1990)
A film born out of alienation. It is an attempt at valuing the moments when action ceases and reflection begins. It is not a pessimistic film. ... Read more

Precious (Bill Mousoulis, 1990)
A filmmaker struggles to live. She makes films. She makes love. Co-written and acted by Anna Kotanidis. ... Read more

Small Blue Thing (Mark La Rosa, 1990)
Thoughts and feelings of a girl as she prepares for her sixteenth birthday party. ... Read more

The Verdict of the Rational in the Face of the Absurd (Damien Grant, 1990)
How could it be resolved? There is no solution, no answer - no conflict. It is here, it is here. A facile facade of indifference looks back and asks: Are these faces? Are these faces? ... Read more

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